New Pastoral Plan Needs Your Input

For the past year, the Diocesan Pastoral Council, comprised of parishioners from across the Diocese of Joliet, has been developing a comprehensive pastoral plan. “This type of plan is not focused on our financial or strategic needs,” explains Bishop R. Daniel Conlon. “Instead, it looks at ways for every parish to build community and to strengthen faith. In fact, it delineates, as well as we can, how Christ and the Holy Spirit are fulfilling their mission through us here and now.” Through numerous workshops, surveys, and group discussion sessions, a planning group within the Diocesan Pastoral Council has identified several key pastoral topics that need more input from all parishioners in the Diocese. The topics being explored are listed below:  Increasing participation in Christian life.  Strengthening all aspects of married family life.  Identify and develop leaders, especially within the multicultural and multilingual communities in our parishes.  Demonstrate that teens and young adults are a valued part of our Church community.  Build collaboration and coordination between parish communities and the Diocese.  Build collaboration and coordination between parish communities.  Increase understanding of the Sacraments and emphasize their importance.  Be more welcoming.  Increase the frequency of the community’s engagement with teens and young adults.  Evangelize and defend the Faith.  Demonstrate how all the aspects of Catholic social teaching are put into action.  Advocate for those in need. In order to reach these goals, the pastoral planning group is asking for your ideas. An online survey has been set up at to gather your suggestions and understand your pastoral priorities. In addition, 90-minute group “forums” are being organized in churches around the Diocese to gather suggestions in a face-to-face setting. Forum locations can be found at Please participate in this endeavor to carry out the work that Christ has given to us as faithful Catholics. Let us “go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”