RE Class Updates

Food Collection Reminder

On November 3rd if you are in person you should bring: ketchup and mustard

On November 10 if you are in person you should bring dried back eyed peas.

On November 17 if you are in person you should bring dried potatoes.

November Reminders

Second grade should have Act of Contrition memorized bu November 10 class.

5th-7th graders should turn in their Act of Service on November 17 in class.

8th grade should tun in their Sponsor Eligibility form and their Act of Service on November 17.

Elementary Grades

Kindergarten had another exciting in person class! Mrs. Suwanski watched some videos with the children and learned about Adam and Eve.

In first grade they are discovering that God is the creator of all things. Students have enjoyed reading from the book of Genesis, and understanding how people, places, and animals were created.

Second graders are busily preparing for First Reconciliation. They are working on memorizing their Act of Contrition and experienced a Virtual Retreat with St. Francis of Assisi.

Third grade has been learning about Jesus' life and what it means that he is both human and divine.

In fourth grade, students will learn about why God gave us a conscience related to our "FREE WILL" choices in life. They are also exploring guidelines that help us form a strong Catholic conscience. They also were introduced to the St. Michael the Archangel prayer.

All the classes have been extremely generous in their donation of food items. Together with the school children, we have been able to donate many pounds of food for the needy families in our communities.

Junior High

Our junior high religion classes are getting into a good routine of meeting twice a month in person. They have enjoyed getting time in church as a class.

The fifth graders are focusing on the sacraments and what those sacraments mean for us as Catholics.

The sixth graders are exploring the relevance of the Old Testament for us.

The seventh graders learned about the Rosary, the mysteries of the Rosary and how to pray it.

The eighth graders are preparing themselves for Confirmation. The Confirmation date was officially announces as Tuesday, May 10 at 7pm. A reminder that the Sponsor Eligibility form is due on November 17th.

All junior high students have their first trimester Acts of Service due by November 17th.