Father Ken Zigmond, O.S.B.

Father Ken has been a familiar and friendly face at St. Joan of Arc since August 1, 1981.

Since 1954 he has also worked at Benet Academy and its predecessor, St. Procopius Academy, as a teacher and a coach. Father was ordained on June 1, 1957. He has one brother, John.

Father Ken enjoys fishing, watching sports activities, and reading. He loves all types of sea food and likes classical and semi-classical music.

Father Ken believes that because he has been at St. Joan of Arc for over 20 years, the parishioners “know me like a book”. As such a dedicated priest, Father is unhappy with himself when he can’t do his best. He says he “wouldn’t trade St. Joan parishioners for any in the world”, which is a good thing, since the parish family has no intention of giving him up.