Altar Servers

Altar Servers minister at Sunday and weekday liturgies, funerals, weddings and various other liturgical rites. They serve the assembly by carrying the cross, candles, and incense, presenting the Roman Missal to the priests, preparing the altar, and undertaking other tasks that serve the liturgy. Initial and ongoing formation is provided. To function in this ministry, one must be a baptized member of the Catholic Church, be a weekly participant in the Sunday Eucharist, and live in harmony with the teachings of the Church. Typically, this ministry is undertaken by elementary and junior high students, but it is also open to high school and college age students, as well as adults. Altar servers must be able to meet the physical demands required of this ministry and must cultivate a sense of reverence and detail for ritual action.

Contact:  Matt Zurek:  630-353-4533 or via email.