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Parish Nursing

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church has been very fortunate to have a Parish Nurse since 2001, through the vision of the pastor at the time,  Fr. Gerald Tivey (2000-2008). Sandy Razka RN was the first Parish Nurse from 2001 to 2021. The second Parish Nurse is Kathy Ford RN, who began her ministry at St. Joan of Arc in June 2021.

Parish Nursing is not a new concept within the Catholic Church. Parish Nursing has been around since 1984 and was founded by Dr. Granger Westberg, a Lutheran Minister and Chaplain, who had a vision of a nurse within a church. His work was based on his belief that healthcare transcends physical care, because true healing involves the whole person in the context of their community.

At one time, the Joliet Diocese had 28 Parish Nurses. There are over 12,000 Parish Nurses world wide of different denominations.

Parish Nurses are licensed, registered nurses who practice wholistic health for self, individuals and the community using nursing knowledge combined with spiritual care. They function in paid and unpaid positions as members of the pastoral team in a variety of religious faiths, cultures, and countries. The focus of their work is on the intentional care of the spirit, assisting the members of the faith community to maintain and/or regain wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.

The Role of a Parish Nurse at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church

*Reflect God’s love through professional caring, listening, confidentiality, and prayer.

*Provide resources and referral sources to return to/maintain whole health

* Make Home, Hospital, Nursing Home/ Assisted Living Facility visits

*Develop, coordinate, and support Pastoral Care ministries, including:

Touchstones Grief Support Group

Minister of Care

Prayer Blanket Ministry

Prayer Network

          Kathy Ford RN/Parish Nurse can be reached at the Parish Center at 630-353-4526 or