Class Updates

Kindergarten enjoyed their first meeting with Mrs. Suwanski this month. They have been learning all about God’s love for us and how beautiful it is! We are excited to have a separate Kindergarten class and curriculum this year.

Mrs. Persico and the First graders were very busy learning about the Trinity during their in person session! During their virtual lessons, they began learning about God’s Creation. First Grade is an important first step in preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion next year!

Speaking of our Second Graders… Mrs. Clark jumped right into our much beloved Blessed series with her class. We have been using this series for several years and it is a favorite amongst out students for its fun cartoon element. Our Second Graders are learning about their friendship with God and how to say Sorry when they hurt that friendship. They are looking forward to making their First Reconciliation in December.

Our Third grade has spent the month learning about prayer and all about   Jesus. Third grade reinforces and builds upon the important foundation of First and Second Grades. Mrs. Flynn has enjoyed finding fun projects and games to help the children learn about Jesus.

Our Fourth Graders recently enjoyed their first in person meeting with Mrs. Dvorak. This year they will be focusing on living as Catholics in the world.

Mrs. Caruso has enjoyed seeing her students in person. Their first in person classes included church tours from our Director Of Music, Mr. Susic.

The students got a crash course in the beauty of St. Joan of Arc church and how the building serves Liturgical purposes. Many students said the stained glass window was their favorite part. The junior high students also received their Acts of Service log to keep track of the service they will be doing this year. All students in 5th through 8th grade are asked to perform Acts of Service this year.