Journeying 10 Years with Pope Francis

by Bishop Ronald A. Hicks  |  03/26/2023  |  A Message from Our Pastor

It is a common practice to give a gift made of silver for a 25th anniversary and something of gold for a 50th.  However, I was wondering, what do you give for a 10th anniversary? After some research, there seems to be some consensus that either tin or aluminum is meant to commemorate a decade. Perhaps these metals make an appropriate gift since they are known for their strength and resilience. 


The Order of Penance: Its history and its future

by Rev. Gabriel Baltes, O.S.B.  |  03/12/2023  |  A Message from Our Pastor

Did you know…

…that in the early church, if Christians went to confession, it was only once in their lifetime and only  for three specific sins?

…that the regular confession of one’s sins to a priest was adopted from Irish monasticism?

…that in the Middle Ages, Christians could be publicly excommunicated from the church in a formal ceremony?