Youth Confirmation

Reception of a sacrament requires adequate knowledge and preparation. Eighth Grade Confirmation preparation must be immediately preceded by three consecutive years of regular attendance in religious instruction.

Preparation for students to receive Confirmation is a three-year program through the school or Religious Education program.


Choosing a sponsor for Confirmation is an important task. It must be someone who is an active, practicing Catholic; and should be someone who is enthusiastic about the Catholic faith; and someone who is easy to talk to and be around.

  • Remember, sponsors cannot be your parents.

  • They must be at least sixteen years old.

  • They must be practicing Catholics and have already received Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation.

  • If married, they must be validly married in the Catholic Church. If unmarried, must be living a chaste life and not cohabitating.

We will need the Sponsor Eligibility Form. Please get it signed and sealed by the SPONSOR’s home parish. It must be SIGNED and SEALED by THEIR Deacon/ Priest. Please read this form extremely carefully before choosing a sponsor. All requirements must be met and no exceptions will be made. If your sponsor is a registered St. Joan of Arc parishioner, the form can be filled out and then given to Mr. Stevens or dropped off at the Parish Center to be signed and sealed. The Parish secretary will then turn the signed and sealed form into the RE Office.

Confirmation Names

The candidate is able to choose a saint’s name at Confirmation. If your baptismal name is that of a recognized saint of the Catholic Church, there is no need to select a new name for Confirmation. While you may choose to select a Confirmation name that differs from your baptismal name, using the baptismal name for Confirmation is preferred because it highlights the relationship that exists between the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. However, if your baptismal name is not that of a recognized saint, a new name should be chosen for Confirmation and should be the name of a recognized saint of the Catholic Church. Names of saints are chosen to serve as patrons and models for those being confirmed.


Mr. Stevens will assign additional assignments throughout the year. (Saint Report, Letter Requesting the Sacrament) Class participation will also be required. They will need to be turned in to her in a timely fashion. A log to keep track of anything due is provided on the reverse of this sheet.

Other Information

There will be additional information communicated to you this year. Including information about retreat, robes, and exact times/dates. Please be patient and courteous, (and read your emails!!), as we plan for how the Sacrament of Confirmation will be prepared for and ultimately celebrated.