Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Forty days after the celebration of Christmas, this feast tells of how Mary and Joseph brought the child Jesus to the Temple. There, the aged Simeon took the child in his arms and proclaimed that He would be ‘a light to the Gentiles, the glory of Israel’. These words have been sung for centuries as Christians have blessed and carried lit candles in procession.

Traditionally, this is also the day when all candles that will be used in the upcoming year are blessed. We will celebrate this day with a special Solemn Liturgy at 7:00pm on Thu, Feb 2. Music for this liturgy will be led by the Schola. In addition, you are invited to bring a candle to be blessed, and then used in your home, where it can be used for family prayer and other special occasions.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be NO 8:15am Mass on Thu, Feb 2.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Jim Susic, Director of Music, via email at jsusic@sjalisle.org.