Grief Support Group

Saint Joan of Arc Grief Support Group will meet for an 8 week spring session beginning Thu, Mar 23 from 3:00-4:30pm.  This support group is open to adults age 21 and older who have lost a loved one; spouse, parent, child or close friend.  The support group recognizes and respects the uniqueness of the individual, their perception of loss, and expression of grief.  Reactions to a loss can vary from disbelief, anger, depression, and feelings of isolation, guilt, to name a few. Each individual who experiences a loss needs to be able to express themselves and be heard for effective grieving. 

It is important to understand, this is not a counseling or therapy group.  It can definitely be therapeutic but the focus is on providing a supportive environment in which to work through grief when, for many, there may be few places in which a grieving individual can get support and be themselves as they grieve, with no judgement.

Saint Joan of Arc Grief Support Group combines aspects of “Touchstone” and “Grief Share” to provide a safe place to express thoughts, feelings, and to share your story.In this 8 week format, participants will have the opportunity to share their story, identify or develop and utilize healthy personal coping skills, with dialogue around topics such as social and spiritual concerns, and begin the process of adapting to life without the deceased while transforming their relationship with them.

Saint Joan of Arc Grief Support Group is FREE of charge.

To join our spring session, please contact Pat Pusateri, RN, Parish Nurse  at 630-353-4526 or